What Spring Home Electrical Projects Are You Excited For?

Winter’s strong grip on our region is about to be relinquished and few of us, if any, will seriously miss its passing. Soon the signs of Spring will be everywhere-as you read this song birds are heading north from their wintering grounds. With the emergence of crocuses and daffodils comes a reminder for a good, thorough Spring cleanup, both inside and out. Included are a few electrical items that will need insertion into the list. Many of these items may require the assistance of trained professional electricians to ensure the work is done correctly and your safety is well respected.


Pathway and driveway lighting take a beating during the winter from any number of sources; snowplows, shovels and the repeated pitch and heave that comes with frozen ground warming, then freezing then warming. Getting these lights righted and functional once again goes a long way in making the property look great and ready for the coming summer months that bring entertaining and guests to the home. Unrepaired path lighting can once again allow tripping hazards to be cloaked in shadow.


Prolonged exposure to the elements can damage sensitive electrical points of usage like GFCI outlets. Now is great time to consider the condition and age of the GFCI outlets on the outside of the house. Nothing is designed to last forever and many newer GFCI outlets have an ‘end of life’ feature that turns themselves off permanently when internal components are damaged. Are they still working properly and providing the ground fault protection as intended by the manufacturers? Do you have outlets in the garage or deck area are required to have GFCI protection? Lippolis Electric, your neighborhood electrician can answer these questions and make the necessary repairs.


Every thaw of snow in Springtime reveals numerous branches that fell during all those storms we wish to forget. But not all broken branches reach the ground-some end up hanging precariously from power lines. Whose responsibility is it to make the removal? Care needs to be exercised here as power lines present a serious hazard to all. Utility websites can help you make this delineation clear or in some cases can offer recommendations of experienced, qualified tree trimming companies.


You may not be aware pools, hot tubs and spas suffer a one-two punch for the great outdoors. Not only is the electrical equipment subject to shortened lifespans from exposure, but the immediate environment around these summer hot spots is considered a ‘corrosive environment’ due to the chlorine gas ever-present in the surrounding atmosphere. As these pools comes out of its winterization, it is a good idea to have an experienced electrician like Lippolis Electric give everything a ‘once over’ rather than assuming everything is still in good working order.


Being outdoors in the warmer months is a luxury we often can only enjoy in the evenings. Flood lamps, overhead recessed lighting, wall sconces and the occasional ceiling fan over a porch all need to be inspected periodically to ensure that duties of maintenance do not become the obligation of replacement.

We usually do not have to look too far to find items around the house that require our attention. Caution should be taken to differentiate which items fall in your realm of experience and which items belong to the attention of trained professionals. 400 electrocutions and 4000 non-fatal electrical injuries attest to this fact annually.  

Sprucing your house up to maximize the entire family’s enjoyment of the coming summer months is something Lippolis Electric specializes in. Let us lend our years of experience to help make your time outside as pleasurable and as safe as possible. 


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