Daylight Savings Reminder! Check Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


No one can forget the one hour of precious sleep being lost on Sunday, March 14, 2021 for daylight savings time. Well… did you forget it is also time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? 

Lippolis Electric, Inc. wishes to take this opportunity to remind residents and customers a few basic safety tips that can protect themselves and their families.

Follow these simple tips as a part of your overall fire prevention strategy. Lippolis Electric, Inc. is standing by ready to assist you in any manner you may need with knowledgeable service technicians.

BATTERIES: Changing batteries on a regular, annual basis is the best way to know all loved ones under your roof are protected. Whether AA, AAA or 9 volt, the preventive costs of replacing batteries outweighs the unthinkable cost of the loss of a home. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) reports the risk of dying in home fires is 54% lower in homes with working smoke alarms than in homes with no alarms or alarms none or dead batteries. NYS building codes require a smoke alarm in all existing bedrooms and a smoke/carbon alarm in the immediate vicinity of sleeping areas (hallways). Interconnected/hard wired alarms with battery backup provide the greatest degree of protection. If one alarm senses smoke, they all sound. Individual battery powered alarms provide the minimum protection yet still meet building code requirements for existing homes.

TESTING: The NFPA recommends smoke and carbon monoxide detectors be tested at least once a month. A chirping alarm indicates battery supply is low and requires replacement or worse yet, the alarm is reaching end of life.

REPLACEMENT: When is a smoke alarm too old? Experts strongly recommend replacing alarms 10 years or older. Over time accumulated dust desensitizes internal sensors rendering them ineffective. Failure to pass the monthly push button test is another indicator it is time to replace alarms or if the white plastic casing has faded to a dull beige or brown, in all probability, its time is up.  


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