The Book Cove Celebrated its 40th Anniversary

November 26, 2016 marked the fortieth anniversary of The Book Cove.

As is the case with anything forty years old, we’ve changed a lot. Some might recall how our entrance used to be on Arch Street or that in 2001 we closed briefly for remodeling and nearly doubled in size. 

Forty years ago Nancy Tanner opened a small 800sq. ft. shop that changed the town of Pawling. Nancy Tanner had a vision that a small bookstore would not only become a destination spot for your book 
purchases, but a hub of activity where writers, photographers, poets, and artists would be able to meet and share their work. 

Even though the way people bought books changed drastically in that time too we believe nothing can replicate the joy of removing a favorite book off the shelf. We pride ourselves on the trust customers have placed in us when they select one of our staff recommendations. We’ve watched young readers buying their first copy of Harry Potter grow up and suddenly need textbooks for college. We watched high schoolers walk mournfully toward the counter with their school’s required summer reading; return years later now smiling with baby books in their hands. 

To those who cannot refrain from buying a book every week or two, we say thank you. To those we see every couple of months, thank you. To those who haven’t stopped by since 50 Shades of Grey came out, please stop by the next time you find yourself in need of a captivating novel. We always appreciate your support past, present, and future.
-Max Weber